New Zealand's leading training providers on autism

Introducing Our Key Speakers

Dr Tony Attwood is a clinical psychologist who has specialised in autism spectrum disorders since he qualified as a clinical psychologist in England in 1975. He works in private practice in Brisbane but is also an adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University in Queensland. Tony has written several publications on Aspergers Syndrome. He presents workshops and runs training courses for parents, professionals and individuals with an autism spectrum disorder all over the world and is a prolific author of scientific papers and books on the subject. His presentations are informative and empowering.

Dr Michelle Garnett is a Clinical Psychologist and Founder and Director of "Minds & Hearts", a psychology clinic based in Brisbane that provides services specifically for Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and related conditions. Michelle has specialised in autism spectum disorders (ASD) for over 20 years, developing expertise in all sub types of autism across all ages. She obtained a PhD for her research on ASD in 2007 from the University of Queensland, Australia. Since then she has co-authored four books on ASD (including three with Dr Tony Attwood), and a number of peer reviewed journal articles. She provides training in ASD for postgraduate clinical students for four Australian Universities. Presenting alongside Tony Attwood these two presenters are a dynamic team.


Dean Beadle is an adult with Aspergers Syndrome. He is an experienced journalist, and tours extensively throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand speaking about his experiences with Aspergers, discussing how he developed from a child considered a "monster" to an A-Grade student. Dean's story highlights a humorous and moving personal experience of life in education with Aspergers, and proves just how big a difference parents and professionals can make to children on the spectrum.